LAG Prlekija

LAG Prlekija
LAG Prlekija has started operating in the 2007-2013 programming period and continues with its mission in the 2014-2020 programming period.
LAG Prlekija includes 8 municipalities: Gornja Radgona, Ljutomer, Radenci, Križevci, Apače, Razkrižje Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici and Veržej.

  • 38.113 residents
  • 169 settlements in 8 municipalities
  • area of 388,7 km²

LAG Prlekija Area
Prlekija indicates the dialect area of the eastern part of Styria (Štajerska), north-eastern part of Slovenia. It is best known for its mineral springs, thermal water, excellent wines, fast horses and attractive landscape.
LAG Prlekija area lies along the right bank of the Mura river in Pomurje development region, which is, according to most indicators, the least developed region in the country.
LAS Prlekija is the only local action group in the country, which borders both Austria and Croatia.
The area of LAG Prlekija is characterized by: a diverse and well-preserved natural and cultural landscape, an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage and well-balanced mix of urban and rural settlements.

Local development strategy 2014-2020
Local development strategy of LAG Prlekija (LDS) is one of the key documents for local, sustainable and balanced development of LAG Prlekija area. It is intended for realization of local needs and for transformation of opportunities into development potential.
Over 100 organizations and individuals were included in the formation of the Local development strategy for the programming period 2014-2020. In January 2016, the lead partner submitted the application on the Public call for the selection of local action groups under the CLLD program. In October 2016 LAG Prlekija received the approval from the responsible ministries to start implementing the LDS.
The planned volume of European funds for the implementation of the CLLD program in LAG Prlekija is around 2.5 mil. EUR.

International Cooperation Projects – Fields of interest
LAG Prlekija is currently running an international LAG project called GLAMUR, which aims to increase the awareness of the importance of local supply and self-supply in the border area between Slovenia and Austria. The goal is to connect the best local producers together in local markets as part of the new brand called “Užitek ob reki” (“Genuss am Fluss” / “Pleaure by the riverside”) and help them improve the quality of the offer. Through the entire area of the participating LAGs we will set up sales points, organize events and present examples of good practices in both neighbouring countries.
Partners in the project are: LAG Prlekija and LAG Ovtar Slovenskih Goric from Slovenia and LAG Verein zur Förderung Steirischen Vulkanlandes and the Verein Genuss am Fluss im Steirischen Vulkanland from Austria.
LAG Prlekija is interested to develop international LAG cooperation on the following fields:

  • Wine routes
  • Smart villages
  • Scattered hotel

Lead Partner of LAG Prlekija
The lead partner of LAG Prlekija is Prlekija Development Agency giz (PRA), selected at the inaugural general assembly of LAG Prlekija in October 2015. PRA has already been performing the duties of the LAG Prlekija Manager during the previous programming period.
PRA has been operating since 1998. It was founded with the aim of promoting the development of small business, tourism and rural development in the area of Prlekija. During the period of its operation, PRA has implemented a number of development projects and thus significantly contributed to more effective co-financing of local development with the help of European funds.